Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Finished Product

The finished book is available at two sites.

The Blurb version is 6x6 inches, hardcover with a printed dust jacket.

The one at viovio is 8.5 inches square and available in perfect bound (softcover), and two imagewrap hardcover bindings.

After researching most of the online publishing services and experimenting with their software I settled on these two for the features and services they offered. I designed the Blurb version using their downloaded BookSmart software and used Adobe Indesign to compose the viovio version. I prefer the binding of the smaller Blurb version, but the printing of the illustrations is superior in the larger viovio book.

Life is full of compromises.


  1. Hey Mick, the book looks great! The face on the cow had me laughing. And I see the elephant in the boat painting! What makes the viovio printing better? Better color, clearer, higher res?? Best of luck with it!!!!

  2. Color? Ha. The viovio printing is closer to the original. Blurb is little dark and the contrast just a touch harsh. It's not bad, just not as good.