Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dummies! which a dummy is sheets folded or made up to show the size, shape, form, sequence, and/or general style of a contemplated piece of printing.

With only one or two illustrations left to complete I spent the last few days designing the book. Working without an editor, art director, or hopes of a publisher I'm free to go about this business any way I want.

I prefer actual reality to virtual reality, so started with actual paper and tape. There's something about nudging real things and in holding a product in the hands that's satisfying. The unsightly blue tape is fast and easy to reposition. There is more to life than keystrokes and mouse clicks. As Max Frisch said: Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it.

Only after some actual physical manipulation did I start slogging my way up the learning curve of unfamiliar design software.


  1. Nice so far, is it a story or an art book or both? Are you self publishing thru Blurb or Lulu? I'm working on one thru Blurb. Have fun!!

  2. It's the story of Job. I've been researching publish-on-demand and photobook sites over the last week. I'm leaning toward a place called viovio. They've got the formats and most of the options I'm looking for.

  3. Never heard of them but like all the sizes and have bookmarked them. Good luck!